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Downtown OKC and his urge to take a whiz
Sunday, Jan. 22, 2006
7:38 AM

Yesterday was a lovely day. Yes a little bit nippy, but lovely and sunshiney none the less.

Fu & I decided to head out on our scoots and toodle around downtown. Since we practically live downtown, it was a very short ride. He brought along his camera and took some great pictures. I'm sure that the few people that drove by us as we took a picture of our reflection in a chrome pole thought us odd, but who cares.

It's funny how we can't seem to go anywhere without Fu having to piss. I mean NO WHERE! It never fails, we're in a record shop and he has to piss, or we're in a grocery store and he has to piss, or we're hanging out in Kerr Park in downtown OKC and he has to piss. Now, many of the places that this hits him it's not a problem as most places in OK have indoor plumbing these days, but downtown, really??! As he is standing on the corner of Robinson and Park holding the tip of his weiner so he doesn't accidentally spring a leak, he begins to get an all too familiar look in his eye. The first words out of my mouth were, "They'll arrest you for doing that down here." I know that look, it means, "I've got to piss right now and I'm trying to find the most inconspicuous spot to do it in." But, he was a trooper and held it long enough for us to scoot home and get inside to our new fangled indoor outhouse.

The funny thing is, this wasn't the first time yesterday that he peed in an unusual setting. We had to go to our dreaded storage unit to get some books out and the urge had hit him. So he turns right around, faces the privacy fence (they're very popular out here) and goes about his business. Never mind that this place has security cameras everywhere, he says that it probably gave the people in the office something to talk about for the rest of the day. Ah Fu, always ready to provide you with a good story.

Anyway, he took some great pictures while we were downtown yesterday. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

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